What We Do

Encourage Relationality

Honour Indigenous
Roots of RJ

Mentor and Support
RJ Engagement

Encourage Relational Ways of Being and Knowing

Relationships First NL strives to model holistic, relational organizational culture. We will share strategies and reflections on this through social media and in our capacity as researchers.

Honour Indigenous Roots of RJ

At Relationships First NL we strive to honour the important history of Restorative Justice. We recognize that Indigenous communities around the world have been living relationally for centuries. We see the immense value in honouring relationships with each other and with our environment. Relationships First will continue to work with provincial and international Indigenous communities to deepen our understanding of authentic Restorative Justice.

Two-Eared Listening

From our time being mentored by Chief Mi’sel Joe of Miawpukek First Nation we have learned that we have two ears and one mouth so that we may listen twice as much as we speak.

When we listen with two ears, we listen from our core so that we hear the heart, soul, body, mind of the speaker.

(For more information, please see www.twoearedlistening.com)

Artwork submitted by a student at Joseph R. Smallwood Middle School, Wabush, NL

Students Thunder Nevin, Jade Bourque, and Jessica Beers of Bonar Law Memorial High School in New Brunswick created this collaborative art piece called "Two-Eyed Seeing." This piece is about going forth in reconciliation while seeing the world through both Indigenous and Western perspectives; seeing from both eyes for the benefit of all.

Two-Eyed Seeing

Mi’kmaq Dr. Elder Albert Marshall, Sr. tells us that Two-Eyed Seeing recognizes the strength of Indigenous ways of knowing and the strength of Western ways of knowing and uses both together.

Marshall says: "Two-Eyed Seeing refers to learning to see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous ways of knowing and from the other eye with the strengths of Western ways of knowing and to using both of these eyes together." (Source: Albert Marshall, https://www.2eyedseeing.ca/about-5)

Mentor and Support RJ Engagement

Professional Learning

Relationships First NL provides Professional Development opportunities in 3 hour, 1 day, 3 day, and 5 day formats. Each will be offered regularly to the public; each can also be designed to meet the needs of a particular professional group. Professional Development sessions are all comprised of hands-on learning experiences that will support you in taking steps towards change and transformation.

Circle Facilitation and Support

Relationships First Newfoundland & Labrador provides specialized Circle facilitation support. Contact us to avail of the services of an experienced Circle facilitator. RFNL can help develop and facilitate Circles for:

  • Community-Building

  • Peace-Building

  • Celebration

  • Learning/Curriculum Building

  • Harm/Conflict

  • Human Rights/Racial Justice

  • ... and so much more!