Our Beliefs & Values

When you engage with Restorative Justice, you engage with a new set of beliefs.

Knowing and understanding the core framework upon which RFNL is built is essential for creating and nurturing a culture of restorative justice. This framework is represented in the image below.

Consider each of these statements as they apply to individuals you interact with day-to-day. Know that every person's true self is worthy. Know that all humans deeply desire being in good relationships. Recognize how we all have gifts and that every one of us is needed for the individual strengths we bring to the world.

Ask yourself:

Which parts of this framework are new to you?
Which have you always known?
Do you agree with all elements of this framework?

In order to be truly relational, we must establish a common understanding of the things that we value as a community. By truthfully identifying our shared values we have the opportunity to be open and honest in relationship. When we understand our shared values, community expectations become clear and we can start working toward being truly relational. We must work to recognize those things that have always helped us connect with each other so that we might begin to identify values that we can share as a relational society.

Ask yourself:

What do I value most about my favourite person?
What qualities do I appreciate in a co-worker?
Who was my favourite teacher and what was the best thing about them?